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Return to once a week

This week marks our last week of bi-weekly updates. We apologize for this in advance, but Akeru-chan is returning to school (her next semester is starting) and as such, she will be adding school to her already busy schedule. As such, she won't have as much time to work on Wind Waker and will only have the time to produce a single page a week. Our hope is to return to the bi-weekly update upon the end of her semester, but knowing college, that'll probably be 3 months or so. Also, as she starts tomorrow, we cannot guarantee an update this Friday, but Akeru-chan has said she plans to try her best to get us one.

In later news, if anyone happens to be an artist, please contact me. I have an idea for another Zelda webcomic (yet another game-to-webcomic comic) and, as I have no drawing skills, I am hoping to find someone willing to work on it. Just message me here on SmackJeeves (if you don't have a SJ account, it takes like...2 minutes to sign up, if that lol).

And...that's it for the news :P See you all Friday, and if not, then Monday!

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