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Almost 40 fans and forum plug

I had originally planned to post this as a filler comic on Monday for the purpose of increasing the amount of buffer Akeru and I had, but when I got on today, much to my dismay, we had lost 2 fans D: We had had 41 fans last time I checked, and I was like "Yes! I've gotta make that a filler thing" but...I felt that, if we were losing fans now possibly due to our update schedule, I better try my best not to post unnecessary filler. So, I'll post this as a news post, and say "Thanks for...nearly 40 fans!" since I can't say 41 anymore lol then tomorrow post the actual next comic. I think people will really like the next few comics. Akeru has sent me sketches of the next 3 comics to follow, and I think they all look great =D Oh, and 4 comics from now is funny, or so I think :P In either case, once again I'll say "Thanks for...almost 40 fans! And here's hoping we can get another 40 soon!"

Also, for those who don't know (none of you really should :P) Wind Waker does have a forum if you want to join to discuss it. However, while we have a forum, it's actually just a topic on a friend's forum. We're trying to build members for the site, so I figured I'd host this comic's forum there. So, please, feel free to stop by. The forum can be found here: http://www.rmxpunlimited.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3160

posted by emily_konichi @ August 1st, 2009, 10:20 pm  -  0 Comments

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