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Comic Update

Let the comic begin! You will notice the page has gone through a major overhaul thanks to Akeru-Chan. She is way better at making webpages then I am apparently lol She did extra work in that all the images found around the site that are not normal Smack Jeeves images are images she made herself. The "true start" of the comic will be Monday, May 11. That is when the first chapter cover will go up and the story will begin. We are hoping for a weekly update (every Monday) but we may not be able to. It is recommended that, due to our unsteady update schedule, you use the RSS feed provided by Smack Jeeves themselves. For that, simply click the orange RSS button below the current comic image on this page, or take this link http://zeldawindwaker.smackjeeves.com/rss That should allow you to use the RSS feed which will show you whenever we update. We will also be updating at noon EST each day. Kind of weird, I know, but all webcomics update at midnight, so I wanted to be weird :P I like being weird. Oh, and, we will be putting the Book Cover up at noon EST today, but it's also already up for those who read through the archive. The point is just to have an update show up, basically. The one that pops up at noon will be removed when the chapter 1 cover goes up.

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