A sixteen-year-old boy who lives on the island of Outset with his sister and Grandma. He feels like the old traditions of Outset Island are outdated and useless and has no understanding why the elders of the island insist on keeping them. This may just be due to the fact that he doesn't want to wear those Hero Clothes that look so unbearably warm. He has courage like none have seen before.


Link's ten-year-old sister who acts much more mature then ten. She has a big heart and her courage is just as strong as Link's. She, however, sees nothing wrong in the ancient traditions of Outset Island. To be honest, she quite enjoys them. She carries a telescope with her everywhere she goes which she claims to be her "most precious treasure". It is unknown why, but seagulls seem to flock around her at all times. Some believe she may be the very re-incarnation of a seagull.

Grandma Ysond

The only living relative of Link's other then Aryll. She cares and watches over them very carefully and keeps them out of trouble, though they cause very little. She seems to be a very caring and wonderful woman, though she holds onto the traditions of Outset Island with a tight grasp. Sometimes Link think she holds a little too tight, and wishes she would let some things go.

Derek Ysond

Link's late father. It seems he died on a voyage to return "the pearl" to Greatfish Isle before it was too late. None are sure if he succeeded, but if the storm that day was any indication, then he did, but it cost him his life.

Aryll Ysond

Link's late mother. She passed away after giving birth to her daughter, Marin. Derek then later changed her name to Aryll as a tribute to their late mother.


The leader of a band of pirates! She was snatched up from her ship by the Helmaroc King, but the pirates shot the bird down and freed her.

King of Red Lions

A talking boat. He claims to be the only talking boat in the world


One of the many Rito that live on Dragon Roost Island. She is the Great Valoo's attendant.

More cast members to come as they are shown in comic