Emily-Ann Coons

A twenty-five-year-old girl who plays WAY too much Zelda. She started writing Legend of Zelda novelization-type fanfictions several years ago, starting with Ocarina of Time (the only Zelda game she had played at the time). Since, she has re-written the story 3 times, as well as writing unfinished novelizations to Majora's Mask, the Oracle Series, A Link to the Past, and others. She is currently seeking to find artists to take her stories out of story format and into webcomic format.


The first artist of the comic. She had to quit after a while due to her schedule being just too busy to be able to keep working on it.


Sam is a seventeen-year-old who is the current artist of the comic. She enjoys making comic adaptations, as well as her own stories. While she writes as well, it is the artistry profession she tends to be more inclined toward in terms of talent. Webcomics are her true passion ,and she strives to make them as good as physically possible. She works with writers, as well as on her own.